Wiz Biz is the suite of LTE packages which have been designed for businesses -- whether that is your small home office or your corporation. Bandwidth Allocation during peak times is high so you will experience the same superior speed regardless of when it is used. Turbo allowance is very generous.

Whether you require fast speeds during the day or during the night or at all times, these packages offer excellent value to companies, businessmen, entrepreneurs or just very heavy users.

 Subscription  Price  Max Peak Mbps  Max Offpeak Mbps  Turbo Gbs  Contention After Turbo Depletion 
TU SOHO Standard10506.006.00601:20
TU SOHO Premium15508.008.001001:15
TU SOHO Supreme225010.0010.001201:10
TU Enterprise Standard25007.5010.001501:12
TU Enterprise Premium350010.0010.002501:10
TU Corporate Standard475010.0010.003001:8
TU Corporate Premium750010.0010.006001:6
TU Corporate Supreme950010.0010.008001:4
[No Second Contention Level is Applied]