Important Notification to changes in WIZ Packages


Dear WIZ client,


We please request you take the time to review these material changes to our packages which become effective on the 18th September 2018



Our Ambition


To provide the lowest price per GB among all our competitors. We feel we have thus far achieved this and the prices our clients pay for our unlimited packages on a GB basis are at least half of what competitors are charging.

To have UNLIMITED flat monthly pricing as our flagship product.

To have as many of our clients happy with us at possible and to listen to them.



Changes to our packages


Doubling our Turbo Allocation. We are, effective on 18th September 2018, doubling on average our turbo allocation for all our Unlimited packages. This will allow twice the usage on turbo before the contention package kicks in. This is summarised below:









Heavily discounted Turbo-Top Up rates within an Unlimited Package.

The WIZ App is very straightforward and quick to purchase some top-up Turbos. These are summarised below:




Having an equal playing field


For an UNLIMITED package to succeed there must be an element of fair usage policy and we have increasingly noticed that there is a minority of users who monopolise the system and through excessive usage are making the experience for a large vast number of users less pleasurable. Thus we feel we must implement more restrictive contention ratios for users who abuse the system. Among other measure we are implementing is introducing a cut-off point at 3 times the turbo allocation as below, for the lower-level subscriptions. Thus you will start with your turbo allowance, then after exhausting that move to your applicable contention ratio and when you reach 3.0 x Turbo (e.g. 60Gb for TU HU) you will be put on a stricter contention ratio:






Revised Bundle Price



We do not wish to be knowingly undersold and to the best of our knowledge these are the lowest prices in the market.


Summary and reason for Changes


1.       Doubling of turbo allowance: This feature seems to popular and so that the turbo allocation goes further in the month we have doubled them before users go into the contended phase. I think this change will be seen as a benefit and is self-explanatory.

2.       Top-up Turbo price reductions: For those who find they may not be able to satisfactorily watch, say, Netflix when their turbo allocation is used up, this is a very cheap way to still enjoy turbo. The WIZ Appis the easiest way to purchase top-up turbo. You only have to look at the prices of our competitors to see how attractive these prices are and considerably cheaper than other providers. Please note these can only be used within an UNLIMITED package and are not stand-alone bundles. They will expire when your monthly subscription runs out.

3.       Overusage Levels: We appreciate that very heavy users may find this restrictive but we hope the bulk of users will understand that the aim is to prevent congestion and make the system as usable and good an experience for as many as possible. The over usage levels work out to having consumed data at a price of about K10-K14 per GB before the stricter contention ratio kicks in, which we think is an attractive relative price. The service afterwards will allow for basic internet activity like browsing, receiving emails, messaging, Social Media like Facebook and WhatsApp, etc but video streaming (Netflix, Youtube, etc) will probably not work. If it is essential to watch streaming movies for example then there is the option of applying turbo top-ups (which is easily done through the WIZ App)at very competitive rates or instead you could consider a higher-level package with a higher turbo allowance.

4.       Revised bundle Pricing: while over 90% of our clients prefer Unlimited, the rest for opt for our bundles. The revised pricing is a radical change from our previous pricing and for those who have an idea of what bandwidth they tend to use monthly this may prove to be a viable alternative to UNLIMITED. The new bundle prices may actually increase the number of bundle users we have.


In summary we believe that these measures will improve the experience for most users and we hope that this proves to be the case.




[full terms and conditions are available on the WIZ website]