Turbo Top-ups - a very affordable way to increase your Turbo allocation

The turbo feature of our packages has proven to be very popular and so our Generation II packages have doubled the amount each package provides. However, for those who have used up even this doubled allocation and want something as fast, we have introduced Turbo Top-ups. This allows you to add to your Turbo allocation within your current monthly packages at very low rates going down to as low as K7 per GB. Many users will not need this given we have doubled the turbo allocation, but if there is a Netflix series you are binging on and want to watch it in HD and your allowance is used up, this feature now gives you the opportunity to do it and the top up can be made very easily via the subscription page in the WIZ app or on the WIZ Website. You can buy from 1Gbs to 100Gbs depending how long your subscription is going to last and how much you want to binge on your viewing. The deeply discounted rates for Turbo Top-ups for larger amounts are limited to TU SOHO users and above.

(Owing to the extremely discounted price of Turbo Top-ups, they can only be added to an existing package and will expire when the package is over).

To Top up your Turbo, go to the Subscriptions section of your accounts portal, and click on 'Turbo Topups'.

 Gb  price  Cost Per Gb  Available To 
504008SOHO and Above
1007007SOHO and Above

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