Teraco Traffic

Starting August 1st, Wiz is offering free access to all Teraco services.

Teraco refers to the Data Centre in Johannesburg which houses the Google Cache, YouTube, Netflix and others. Access to all these services is free for all Unlimited packages.

Microlink @Home packages offer unlimited free Teraco usage, with the usual high speed of these subscriptions.

TU Unlimited subscriptions offer unlimited free Teraco usage. While Turbo GBs remain, Teraco is also offered with the super high Turbo speeds. When that is used up, Teraco will use the same contended rate as the regular data on your subscription. Teraco usage will not contribute to your Turbo consumption.

Data Bundles are given the same number of GBs Teraco as regular usage. For instance, if you activate a 10 Gb bundle, you will also recieve a 10 Gb Teraco bundle. Once the Teraco bundle is used up, Teraco traffic will be taken from your regular bundle. Once your regular bundle is used up or expired, all services will be blocked until you activate a new subscription or bundle.