Unlimited Subscriptions

Through your Accounts Portal, you can subscribe for 1 month of any of our Unlimited subscriptions. Please note that the Contention Ratio and Max Mbps are only applicable after the Turbo Gbs have been used up in any given month.

There is no data cap on these subscriptions,although the TU Essentials subscription enforces stricter contention after a certain amount (generally 3 x the Turbo Allocation) has been used. This stricter contention is fine for most activities (email,web browsing, etc) but may be problematic for high-bandwidth activities such as video streaming. You can always Top Up your Turbo or upgrade your subscription to experience more super-fast Internet speeds.

All prices are inclusive of Excise Duty and Tax.

Unlimited Prices (for one month subscription)

Turbo Unlimited Packages

 Subscription  Price  Max Peak Mbps  Max Offpeak Mbps  Turbo Gbs  Contention After Turbo Depletion  Strict Contention At 
TU Essentials3501.54.0101:3530 Gb
TU HU Standard5602.06.0201:30n/a
TU HU Premium8203.06.0401:20n/a

Microlink @Home Packages

 Subscription  Price  Max Peak Mbps  Max Offpeak Mbps  Turbo Gbs  Contention Rate  Strict Contention At 
TU Res Basic6501.05.0none1:10n/a
TU Res Standard10002.010.0none1:10n/a
TU Res Premium13004.015.0none1:10n/a

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