Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) sent out the framework on which WIZ, the tradename of Microlink Technologies Ltd, bases its contracts. This Service Level Agreement should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions which can be viewed on

Service description

WIZ provided internet data to the mass market via their LTE network. This service can be purchased in what are essentially two broad categories:

1.       Sale of what are commonly known as bundles which are purchase of fixed amounts of data.

2.       Sale of monthly packages which is based on a flat monthly price and not based on data usage.

The service is provide wirelessly via Smartphones, MiFi routers, indoor units (IDUs) and outdoor units (ODUs) and necessitate a simcard being installed in the unit. The service provides internet bandwidth on a shared bandwidth basis and does not guarantee dedicated bandwidth.

Service Charges

Pricing for all services is on the web-site Microlink reserves the right to phase out a service package at any point. A client using any of these packages will be allowed to use the package until the expiration date of the subscription. Also pricing is subject to revision and at least one months notice will be given but any revised pricing will only apply to new service and packages and will not apply to clients who purchase packages on the older prices and who still may be using these packages even if the new pricing comes into effect.

Service Uptime Targets

The service is provided on a best efforts basis. It will seek to provide a minimum of 99.0% uptime in the service and will seek to provide redundancy in order to achieve these internal targets. However, in order to provide these targets WIZ does depend on third parties to be able to provide these service; namely national fiber carrier, international fiber carriers, data centres, cache servers, etc. These service providers are independent of WIZ and any downtime which these providers may experience is outside of WIZ control.

Contract terms

Data bundles have a duration of a range of data amounts from 1 day to 3 months and their prices are on the WIZ website. Monthly packages have a duration of the same day for the following month on activation by the user. There can be no refund if the customer wishes to terminate part way through the month unless there are extenuating circumstances such as defective equipment, bereavement, force majeure. In each specific case WIZ will consider the circumstances and if in WIZs opinion they are extenuating will offer a refund which the customer can appeal to the Ombudsman if it was felt insufficient. Payments are generally pre-paid but provision is also made for post-paid clients and WIZ reserves the right to disable clients for non-payment of bills.